Terms and consent to the collection of personal data

Inside the bus are allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage size not exceeding dimensions 60h40h20 see; in all cases the child acquired a special place to sit; Passengers are obliged to take good care of the equipment bus, to prevent spoilage; drinking alcohol and smoking in the cabin and the toilet is strictly prohibited; avoid accidents, use boiling water only during parking, with the permission of the attendant; the bus has a biochemical toilet with washbasin. Borrowing for comfort toilet use only in emergency cases, since the volume is limited to the toilet. Stops declared accompanying bus (~ 20-30 minutes).

After this time the bus leaves, and a latecomer passenger joins the group on their own and at their own expense; In all matters arising in the way, you need only refer to the maintainer; finds in the cabin of the bus lost things, documents or other things must pass their driver or attendant; tour operator "VOSTOK TRANSGROUP» is not responsible for deviations from the schedule, any the will and desire of the company and that can not be foreseen or avoided (weather conditions, natural disasters, armed attacks, civil unrest).

I have read the rules and agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine of 01.06.2010. Number 2297-VI "On Personal Data Protection" in the amount necessary to provide the tourist product.